About the owner

My passion for weddings started in 2012 when I started planning my own wedding. I just couldn't get enough wedding planning! 

I started designing wedding invitations and paper goods as a hobby for friends and family, and after years of doing it as a part-time hobby I decided to make it my full-time job. We are a fully digital (for now) design company, however, that doesn't mean that our items have to be delivered digitally. We specialize in making our designs compatible for digital and physical delivery.


Our name "SawLea & Co." comes from my other passion, my daughter, Sawyer Lea. When naming my company I wanted it to represent me and what better way to represent me than to represent one of my true loves... my daughter. 

You've dreamed of your wedding your entire life, now let's make that dream a reality!

-Aly Farinelli